6 months of Redemption

Ok guys!!! We ALL have officially reached the long nights season!💞

We all know that the tilt in the hemisphere is why for 6 months we have longer days and 6 months of longer nights.

However, to me, it is in this season when we all have to face the dark sides of life. We have to come face to face with our despressions, opression, setbacks, life's mishaps, our failures as well as reflect on successes. We get 6 months of sunshine to help us attain the things we want or need and to feel happy about it! Then we face the dark for our trials and tribulations of succeeding in life.

It is during these long nights that we must find more peace within ourselves. Find all the issues that were hovering above our heads for the last few bright and glorious months. We must come face to face with our issues and the demons fighting inside us. We have to come face to face with the hideous ways that we try to hide because of the way other people bring it out us. We have to rebuff ourselves to start shining again for the brighter and longer days ahead!

If we always have good, long and bright days, how can we learn from the small things that set us back for our lessons to learn and new ways to navigate? Ahem, exactly. We got know what we was or is doing wrong to move past the stumble!

Let's lean more into God during these times because he brings us thru a little hell so we all can appreciate peace and Heaven soon🙏🙏💖

This is what longer nights mean to me. We must face the dark side that lurks behind us to get back to the bright side. Be encouraged😊.

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