Social Media Is Brain Trauma!!!

It has been a while since I have blogged. Let me tell you I have my list of reasons, but the very most damaging problem for me will have to be social media. You can and you will get lost and caught in the drama, the negative, the BS etc. It has absolutely no safe corner on the web!!!! It's like getting tangled in a spider web! I see so much insensitive and insensible things online that don't be having the energy to get on most of the time! It is so easy to let the lack of sympathy from the web discourage your inner peace. Which eventually causes a few back lashes here and there! If I did not need it to promote my business, I wouldn't even be online like this! The most I get out of my personal web experiences are music entertainment and window shopping online! Lol! Yeah quite normal usage for me. Anything to remain sane! Dealing with or shall I say sharing the internet with Billions of others mind and personality can be detrimental to the brain. Especially if you have a big heart like I do! Oh how I hope this whole world shapes up for better. These days it feel like there is no existing safe place any longer! We are the loners! The loners are us!!! Who loves peace.💙💜

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