Just how wonderful is your thanksgiving going to be this year? Well, mine will be quite cheerful this year! With all of my goals set in place and most of them being reached, it has caused me to reach a level of content. Although I do agree that 2020 has been tough and the covid disease was no fun at all to have to deal with, I will say I can see a lot of good thing s that have happened during it. I started my own business, and this is no easy sweet ride here, but I did jump out on faith when opportunity presented itself. I have many more exciting things that has happened but this one is my most prized one. I envisioned this process 2 years find myself exactly in position 2 years later. WOW!!! So this holiday season I am thankful for believing in myself, but more importantly, I am thankful for GOD keeping me here and allowing this door to open. I intend to walk this journey thru, no matter how hard it gets, how unfair things seem, how many times I get scammed, how many times my account is low but I keep going walking by true Faith. I been grown, but 2020 made me grow up in other ways. I grew in areas that I kept hidden away from the world. As I get ready to gobble down on some turkey and dressing I will remember to count this as my blessing! I have a brand line that I believe a million percent in. While we are sitting around the tables this year, and it possibly may be smaller this year, because of the distance we shall keep to be safe and not get infected, or just maybe you have lost a loved one or a few, let's still remember to give thanks for these days. They are getting shorter as time goes on! Let's rejoice in the fact that we still have holidays to celebrate, something quite naturally puts these loving and tingly felt feelings inside of us. Let's reach beyond the hurt and feeling of betrayal this season, just so we can enjoy the fact that we got one more holiday in on this earth. We got a chance to be in the spirits. While I am aware that a lot more people are not in good predicaments and most are homeless, I want to leave remarks that I do in fact pray for whomever may be in these cirsumstances. I do pray for a change in this world , that none has to live uncomfortable and forgotten about. The change starts with everyone. yes we all are accountable for how we allow this world to be operated. I truly pray for this change. I pray that you all are able to enjoy your holiday season!!!!!! Be encouraged!

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